Ocean & Hill

The Ocean and the hill are opposite to each other. But, it increases the beauty of nature by staying together. The great thing is that when one of them chooses to stay in another's place, it becomes a jewel of nature's beauty. And when the second one will attempt to stay in the previous one's… Continue reading Ocean & Hill


Solo Journey

Your solo Journey on surprising way and accidentally you face disorientation between two ways. There is no chances of go behind ways and lots of quarrel of thoughts happening in mind ways. Later selecting and walking on one way. By the end of the way you realize that the end of both ways was the… Continue reading Solo Journey

Life is like a sky..

From out side it is huge, open, simple, some times inspire someone, play role of peacefulness, spread happiness on the face of alone one, give good thoughts and spread goodness. While clouds are play role of situations which sometimes are dark, light, sometimes in small parts and sometimes cover full sky, some time it brings… Continue reading Life is like a sky..

Become Wealthy By Respecting The Value Of The People

Nicely quoted that, by the time everything gets change; People, their behavior, their priorities, their importance, their contribution, their values, their sacrifices, their love and care, their perceptions, their relationships, their relatives, their lifestyles, their expressions and related. And of course, time itself gets change. Sometimes it runs on the point of our thoughts and… Continue reading Become Wealthy By Respecting The Value Of The People